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What A Waste!

Inspiring and Empowering Parents, Spouses, Children, Siblings, and Friends to Reconcile

 “I had planted thee a noble vine, wholly a right seed: how then art thou turned into the degenerate plant of a strange vine unto Me?” Jeremiah 2:21.

"What a Waste!"

Sometimes we use this phrase to express profound disappointment in someone or something. But why? We do so mostly because we believe someone or something failed to meet personal, general, or societal expectations.

For example, "What a waste!..."

  • he bought that Mazarati and within two days it broke down and left him stranded.

  • they were married for 30 years and they suddenly divorced despite no abuse or cheating.

  • he left his wife for a younger woman.

  • he or she is so attractive, and yet she became a nun or a priest.

  • they have such brilliant minds but dropped out of school... or went into crime.

  • she could be using her voice to glorify God, but she is rapping for the devil.

  • he is so tall and handsome, but he is a homosexual.

  • she is so sick, but refuses to take her health into her own hands by saying, "I am going to die of something anyway."

  • he has such a brilliant mind how could he become a serial killer or rapist?

But how many of us ever say "What a waste!" when our child, spouse, relative, or loved one threatens or walks away from all things God for no good reason; when they have been exposed to so much love and truth? All because they love the pleasures of sin. What a Waste!

For What Purpose?

In our previous devotion, we know God had asked a question that echoed our own: "What else could I have done to save my children, that I have not already done?"

God, the Father, lamented, “I had planted thee a noble vine, wholly a right seed: how then art thou turned into the degenerate plant of a strange vine unto Me?” Jeremiah 2:21. “Israel is an empty vine, he bringeth forth fruit unto himself.” Hosea 10:1. “ Which translates into "You are not being productive in fulfilling the best purpose that I have created you to accomplish. How could you love sinning despite how much I have blessed you?

Imagine spending a few thousand dollars to create a garden that would feed the community. You bought several varieties of seeds and planted them in the best soil in a small field on your property. Every day you watered it, weeded out threats, fertilized the plants organically while happily anticipating their growth. But even more than growth... bearing fruit!. To your surprise, they just grew and grew but yielded nothing! All your time, finances, and resources went "down the drain".

This reminds me of a familiar story in one of the gospels, "The Barren Fig Tree" in Luke 13:6-7. Jesus speaking said:

"... A certain man had a fig tree planted in his vineyard; and he came and sought fruit thereon, and found none. Then said he unto the dresser of his vineyard, Behold, these three years I come seeking fruit on this fig tree, and find none: cut it down; why cumbereth it the ground?"

The Greek word for "cumbereth" is Hinati, meaning "for what purpose?" Jesus was saying it was such a waste to have such a lush tree, dressed with an abundance of leaves that should be full of fruit too (as many who have a fig tree planted may observe, the fruit usually appears before the leaves, but was barren. An attractive but empty tree!

Do You Have An Attractive but Empty Tree?

You may proudly say, "My son or daughter is a lawyer, doctor, physician's assistant, teacher, scholar, judge, scientist, musician par non,...a missionary, a priest, a pastor, a church-goer, an elder... but not a Christian who is deeply in love with and dedicated to the Lord. They are more self-absorbed, "lukewarm", and comfortable, but not "on fire", or "on fire" but for the wrong reasons... not bearing fruit...just a barren fig tree? Are you secretly or openly disappointed that he or she spends more time on the secular and not on their spiritual heritage... fulfilling God's plan for and in their lives?

I have been there so you are not alone... Guess what? Many parents wish they could turn back the clock and do things differently with their children. Perhaps you may say " I wish I had spent more time "balancing my focus"... prioritizing differently." Perhaps today I would not be saying, What a Waste!

God knows our every sorrow and compassionately yearns for His disobedient and even rebellious children to "come to their senses":

With a father's heart, God bore with His people. He pleaded with them by mercies given and mercies withdrawn. Patiently He set their sins before them, and in forbearance waited for their acknowledgment. Prophets and messengers were sent to urge God's claim upon the husbandmen; but instead of being welcomed, they were treated as enemies. The husbandmen persecuted and killed them. God sent still other messengers, but they received the same treatment as the first, only that the husbandmen showed still more determined hatred. Christ Object Lesson, 293.1

Our children may not go so far as to kill us to unburden their "visible conscience", constantly reminding them that they are making unwise decisions with eternal consequences. Yet sometimes they break our hearts and diminish our finances by their poor choices.

Repeatedly and tirelessly we give our children (and/or spouse) the best of us and at a great expense, but it seems like they always need more... They trample upon the love you may have used as a hedge of protection. This protection would yield countless blessings if they would show appreciation for you AND your gifts. If they would only cooperate because you have demonstrated timeless Godly love, selfless affection, and wisdom they could trust, instead of leaning on their fallible understanding which has brought them many regrets.

Imagine God's response...even He "scratched His head" at the demonic rejection of His love from His children who he saw as His "Special Forces". He would have been more than justified in "cutting down the barren, unfruitful fig tree"... but He was hopeful. He extended probation one more time. He continued to give more grace so that perhaps the following year "the trees"may come to their senses. Perhaps, they may realize just how much they have been resisting the most beautiful love ever offered. Yet despite no assurance of any changes, He said:

"And he answering said unto him, Lord, let it alone this year also, till I shall dig about it, and dung it: And if it bear fruit, well:..." Luke 13:8,9

Have you tried every possible avenue to allow God access to save your children? God teaches us as parents that the salvation of our children requires a tremendous amount of patience, well as sacrifice. Do not give up... But self-evaluate. Allow the Holy Spirit to search your heart like a candle (Psalm 18:28; Proverbs 20:27). Ask yourself, like I do, " Is my example of Christ needing some refreshing?" "Have I done my best for them beyond material things?" "Am I willing to do whatever it takes?" Then you would have a new perspective on "What a Waste!"


Dear Lord, your love for us is unfathomable! You are longsuffering with our "lazy love" relationship that we offer you. You desire so much more for us and from us than our sinful minds can grasp, even when we hold on to sinful habits that harm more than benefit us. In your Fatherly wisdom, and unlimited insights and foresight, you continue to stretch out your hand to help and save us. What a mighty God! Extending our probation is not futile to you because your love for us transcends time and space. You comfort all of us, fathers, mothers, children, spouse... even in our failures.

You say proudly: What a Waste!...We are thankful that you didn't stop there... What a Waste to have spent all this time, money, and resources, just to walk away from such a valuable investment. You say despite Satan's hold... I still see great value in you. You deserve more love and more time.

Lord may we take the cup of mercy you pour out upon us and do the same for our loved ones... especially our children. Thank You. Amen.

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