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   Lifestyle programs
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N’Pella Guest receives:  

  • Lifestyle Educator/ Coach Health Lectures 

  • Plant-based Meals

  • Green Juicing/ Fruit Smoothie Booster/ Herbal Teas 

  • Natural Remedies and Cooking Classes.

  • Therapeutic diet and cozy home-like accommodations.

  • Tailored services for each lifestyle guest, which may include Steam Therapy, or Body-Scrubs/ Rubs or Massage, Foot Spa (Services need to be booked at time of application):  (Choose 1)  Additional Fees for extras.  Enjoyable educational & Social activities: Aerobics & Walking, etc.

  • HeART Therapy  (Available for additional costs)

  • A peaceful Christian atmosphere (free of paganistic New Age influences)

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