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Let Faith in God Be Your Money

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

God often has an interesting success route filled with challenging detours and delays. It is at times very discombobulating, especially when we believe that we are following His will.

Last year, I thought I was in the final stages of preparing to launch Narda Pella, a ministry of hope to all people and everything begins to fall apart! I had wanted to launch the ministry on my mother's birthday, December 12, but there was an avalanche of problems.

I had a car accident with a deer, which financially and physically slowed me down. Unfortunately, the deer had no insurance to help me offset my expenses, therefore I had to foot all of them. Car rental was necessary, and there were medical bills too. The fight with inflation was real, and things began to fall apart. My daughter had to quit her job because the company for which she worked kept giving her a difficult time about wanting her to work on the Sabbath. She kept refusing and they kept escalating the problem. There were more unexpected expenses, more bills, higher inflation, increased gas prices, and less money in the bank and my purse.

I had pumped all my savings into the ministry launch so, of course, I was not prepared for the extra burdens of footing additional expenses. Now any extra money that I could use to buy the products for the online store and the massage equipment for lifestyle sessions had to be diverted elsewhere. To make matters worse, I came upon what seemed like to me the "perfect" location base from which to run the ministry and I was not in the position to capitalize on it. I was so disappointed.

I became frantic and worried; confused and discouraged; hopeful and then the cycle repeated when possible sponsorships to help me acquire the funds for the base fell through and then the property owner ended up renting it to someone else. A completely renovated, three-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bathroom property having many windows with beautiful views; great fixtures; new appliances, a fantastic deck, three exit doors, a driveway that could hold around eight vehicles, and the cheapest rent during this time of inflation. I was not as still in my faith as I wanted to be. As soon as I got up, I was knocked back down again. I just wanted to bathe my sorrow in my bed watching some interest that would take my mind off my present snail progress. Did God really want me to open Narda Pella?

And yet the encouraging but condemning words would come: Be still and know that I am God. Psalms 46:10. And I would cry unto the Lord and ask, "What am I doing wrong?" "Do you want me to stop the launch?" "How will I launch or acquire the right atmosphere for Pella if I don't have funds?" God's answer was whatever happened to "Let Faith in God be your Money and NOT Faith in Money be your God?"

Allow me to digress just a little...

Do you worry about the rising cost of food? Insurance? Rent? Just bills in general? Maybe you have noticed that your paycheck barely increases, if at all, but bills keep climbing higher and higher. How will you take care of yourself, a baby, or your family? How will you pay for your child's tuition or daycare? Can you support a wife on your salary? Can you go on the mission field to do God's work when there are holes in your pocket that keeps sucking your finances dry, though you have been faithful with your tithes? Take God's simple advice...

"Let Faith in God be your Money and NOT Faith in Money be your God?"

This is a motto I live by, but in this moment I was losing sight of it when God reminded me again. "Hope, though in God..." Psalms 46:11. Like Jonah, I went to sit under my gourd

( possibly a calabash tree ) and sulked some more. Jonah 4.

I needed a word from God in my distress and doubts. Akin to Elijah, I could not hear Him in the stormy winds and loud earthquakes, but a still small voice... ( 1 Kings 19: 11-14).

The Lord caught my attention in three acts:

  1. A shopping blessing towards the end of January

  2. A shopping blessing towards the end of March

  3. An online testimony of a pastor in another ministry

Sometimes God uses simple things and humbling experiences to build our faith and encourage resilience in Him. This was the time to be still, listen... and trust that He knew and would do what was "best" for me. He Knows what is best for you too...

"Let Faith in God be your Money and NOT Faith in Money be your God?"

See you next time! Have an awesome day in the LORD...

Taste. Enjoy! Respond. Like! Share. Be encouraged!

To learn more about Narda Pella click on the logo and it will take you to our home page.


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