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NARDA PELLA:Your Anointed Refuge...

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

I felt strongly impressed to share with you the reason I started blogging and a little biographical backdrop about myself that will provide transparency into the hot topics that will permeate our articles from time to time. I am a Seventh-day Adventist Christian missionary who started this blog as an anointed refuge for all Christians locally, nationally, and worldwide. It is a safe space for young adults and people of all ages struggling with life issues, whether or not to believe in God, or if they do, how may they deepen their current relationship with Him in an era of information overload and moral pollution.

  • I am not only a missionary, but a mother, daughter, sister, friend, teacher, healthy lifestyle consultant, and coach aspiring to positively impact my "online family" and local communities in tough and unprecedented times. I want our content to impact families, married couples, single parents, teens in crisis, depressed adults, and children in or from broken homes. Why?

  • As a young adult, I was a borderline atheist because of my life experiences, and understand unequivocally the worldly seductions our young people face, especially those from Christian homes.

  • As a Seventh-day Adventist Christian who faces the challenges of living the committed Christian experience daily, and as a single black mother raising a child, who rallied and rallies between whether to maintain or sever her relationship with Christ, I want to be a medium through which Christ touches and transforms opinions, hearts, and lives.

  • As a teacher, I am exposed to the lives of myriads of children and young people who

are hurt, bruised, and broken and I want to provide a channel for them to freely talk about the pressures of life that challenge them and provide positive feedback, counsel, and mentorship to decrease mental illness, suicidal ideations, and or commitments.

  • There are countless adults who have been hurt in relationships of all kinds (including yours truly) and who may seek to isolate themselves from future prospects/ reconciliation because of broken trust, betrayal, disappointed hopes, and unfulfilled expectations. I want to encourage all that Christ is powerful enough to make an eternal difference in this generation and personally in your heart. We offer HeART Therapy: A mental health resource that incorporates talk therapy, counseling, art, prayer, journaling, and lifestyle education to educate and empower individuals to reopen their hearts while mending social and familial relationships.

  • Our podcast (coming soon), Rough Cut: Unfiltered Testimonies, is our audio and visual platform from which we will share biblical and scientific perspectives on a variety of hot topics that are causing Christianity to become a dormant cesspool of immorality and relativity instead of a living evangelical spring that showcases God's power to permanently transform and save us in a world that hates Him, His Government, His Son, His Law, His Word, His People and His Plan of Salvation. We seek to expose the myths, advocate Truth and lead people to make an unequivocal decision on whose side will they choose to be on when the dust of false teachings clears from their eyes.


We respect all opinions that will be shared on our posts, however, as a Christian entity seeking to help others to Christ, we ask that your responses be kind, respectful, and free of profanity and harassment. Please do speak explicitly on sexual topics offline with us as we have young inquisitive minds who will also be sharing this forum from time to time. Parents, please explore content before allowing your underaged children to access this forum.


I am so excited to share the awesome news about our team of Bible Instructors and lifestyle counselors who will be so happy to have strictly confidential HeART therapy, prayers, and or free Bible studies with you offline at your request. They are all tremendously devoted Christians of various ages with experience that will be valuably beneficial to you and your home. You may access their names and contact them through the website:


Won't you join us? Our blogs are an educational, inspirational, and interactive communications forum and resource box where pre-teens, teens, young adults, college students, and parents, especially those of Seventh day-Adventist affiliation, may individually or in small groups, dialogue, or monologue about hot topics, burning questions, healthy lifestyle changes, and a committed relationship to Jesus and more. Share them with those who you know need them, especially with those who you would least expect to need them.

We want to hear from you too. Please share topics that you would like us to blog about that will be relevant to your needs. Don't forget to subscribe below and like us on our various platforms.

Taste. Enjoy! Respond. Like! Share. Be encouraged!

To learn more about Narda Pella, click on the logo and it will take you to our home page.


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