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5 Ways to Boost Your Immune System and Promote Heart Health

Updated: Feb 13

Repair Damaged Cells; Fight Diseases; Win the Hearts of Kids, Families, and Friends

It is February and it is no coincidence that it is both Heart Awareness Month and Valentine's Day, a day when many hearts suffer heartache! Well, you may be heartbroken, have heart disease, or just have a strong desire and determination to prevent it. No matter in which category you may find yourself! You will find this article,

the long-anticipated 5 Ways to Use Onions to Boost Your Immune System and Promote Heart Health, to be a timely powerhouse filled with solutions to repair damaged cells, fight diseases, and win the hearts of kids, families, and friends!

What are the top benefits of eating onion in your diet?

The top seven benefits that make onion a must as a worthy kitchen staple are:

Blood cleanser and builder; cell repairer; sprain or bruise healer; organ decongester;

blood pressure regulator; inflammation eliminator and cancer fighter. Previous Post: Powerful Onions

Though there are many other benefits to the mighty "O", the above list focuses on major "wows". This month though we will focus on using onion for heart health, we will also give a few nuggets to help with dis-ease and diseases as well.

What are 5 Ways to Use Onions to Boost Your Immune System and Promote Heart Health?

Narda Pella is excited to share with you some amazing ways to boost the use of onions in your lifestyle routine. Some ways will be routine but others definitely not! We have 5 ways for you to try. The first one creates an interesting buzz! Hope you enjoy them all!

1. Make a Mocktail

This mocktail is great for promoting heart health while fighting asthma, respiratory congestion, urinary tract issues, and inflammation of all types.

Onion "Heart" Mocktail

  • 2 ounces of onion juice.

  • 2 ounces of carrot juice

  • 2 ounces of parsley

  • A pinch of ginger powder (optional) and/or

  • A pinch of cayenne pepper: 90,000 HU medicinal cayenne (optional)


  1. Blend enough onions to get 2 ounces of juice

  2. Blend enough carrots to obtain 2 ounces of juice

  3. Blend enough parsley to obtain 2 ounces of juice

  4. Add a pinch of ginger powder (optional)

  5. Add a pinch of cayenne pepper: 90,000 HU medicinal cayenne (optional)

Voila! Drink this blend twice each day. Serve right after, store in an airtight container for up to 3 days, or in the freezer for up to a week (sometimes more).

NOTE: Choose organic or the healthiest options available.

2. How About A Poultice?

Onion pack sat on a bruised knee, then jumped on an earache and shouted "whoopee!" Comes a man using Onion for clogged chest and stuffed nose; Put a slice on a bug bite and the pain quickly goes! Lalitha Thomas

Onions boast powerful antioxidant, antibiotic, and antiviral properties. Therefore a nice onion poultice can be used effectively on many organ congestion or inflammatory issues such as earaches, sore throats, chest and lung congestion, colds, and more.

I challenge you to try this poultice at home and tell me your results:

Onion "Stallion" Poultice

  • 1 Medium/Large Onion, Chopped (yellow, white, or purple onions)

  • 1 Tea Towel or dishcloth

  • Sea salt (optional: but adds more drawing power)

  • 3 garlic cloves (crushed) (optional, but adds more potency) adults only



  • chop onions and saute lightly in water for 5-10 minutes, or until fragrant and translucent. Add crushed garlic and sea salt, if desired.

  • Pour cooked onions and juice into the tea towel and fold the edges inward to make a poultice.

  • Place on the chest, back, head, or side of the head where there is a need to break up mucous or congestion.

  • Ensure that the poultice is hot but not too hot to burn the skin, especially on children, babies, and adults with sensitive skin.

  • Allow it to remain in place for at least 10-20 minutes. Rewarm as needed in a pan of water over low heat or with an heating pad.

  • After 1 day of use make a fresh poultice.

Note: Apply the use of a poultice until symptoms have resolved.  Don't worry if coughing increases in the healing process, It's common to have a productive cough after using the onion poultice as it decongests the chest cavity and lungs.

****Add Lavender, Chamomile, or Frankincense (for babies, small children, and even some adults may prefer this addition as well). Happy healing!

3. Heart & Blood Pressure Tonic

Onions make a powerful tonic filled with many goodies. Not only are they power-packed with supernutrients, but they are also cheap and available everywhere! Here are a few potent onion tonic activities:

  1. Gently and continuously clean the blood, promoting clear vessels for good heart health by lowering the chances of plaque buildup, high "bad" cholesterol, and blood pressure problems.

  2. Build and revitalize the blood which continues to promote heart health but also revs up your immune system so that it "bucks" at any respiratory compromises due to colds, flu, COVID-19, and more!

  3. Gently massages internal organs (including the heart) resulting in fatigue reduction or elimination; body and brain feel less sluggish.

  4. Promotes enhanced digestion. As the saying goes, "When the gut is good, all else runs well!

  5. Served raw.....I bet you didn't know a generous dosage of vitamin C! Ok...maybe you did. But it probably is one of my favorite finds... It is an amazing antioxidant. Here is the secondary source of its power. Its properties allow it to repair damaged cells that can cause a domino effect in wreaking havoc on the body's defense system which in turn can open floodgates to a myriad of diseases. Along with a high fiber nutritious plant-based diet, plenty of water, rest, fresh air, exercise, self-control, and an infallible stress management system (Mine as a Christian is "Trust in God" that is developed through morning devotions, Bible studies, and prayer -- along with strong healthy social outlets), your heart health is guaranteed to soar! Your blood pressure will lower favorably. 1

4. Blood and Body Cleanser/Detoxer

Quercetin is found to significantly reduce high blood pressure in hypertensive adults, according to a 2007 study published in The Journal of Nutrition. Onions are loaded with quercetin... flavonoids touted to exceed the so-called heart-protective boasts of red wine, “onions are involved in maintaining good blood pressure, inhibit hardening of the arteries, and keep the arteries elastic.” Onions contain antioxidants and sulfur compounds that are anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. These properties may reduce your risk of heart disease by cleaning and detoxing the blood after aiding in cell repair. This results in lowered high blood pressure (HBP). Just my opinion? Let's get some true science to qualify our findings.

"A small 2015 study in 70 people with overweight and hypertension suggests that a daily dose of 162 mg of quercetin-rich onion extract may significantly reduce systolic blood pressure by 3.6 millimeters of mercury." Another study conducted in 2014, involving 54 females, found that consuming 80–120 g of raw red onions per day for 8 weeks lowered total and LDL (bad) cholesterol levels.

"Onions contain a high amount of sulfur compounds, which not only give onions their recognizable smell, but are also powerful detoxifying agents," Dr. Jonathan Stegall, integrative medicine, Johns Creek, GA.

Enough said.

5. Add It to Your Food...Easy Peasy!

Onions are a fresh, readily available, and versatile "must-have" in every kitchen worldwide. Cook, bake, steam, saute, caramelize them, juice, and definitely eat them raw!

"Everything tastes better with Onions..."

Add them to your diet by trying the following:

  • Use them in dips, spreads, butter, pasta sauces, chutneys, or dressings such as guacamole, french, ranch, salsa, etc.

  • Add them to tofu dishes such as scrambled tofu, Plant-based frittatas, and plant-based lasagna

  • Sprinkle them as raw toppings for haystacks, tacos, pizzas, and more

  • Add them to stews and curry dishes like chickpeas, coconut, tofu delights, and red butternut squash...yummy!

  • Use them in vegetable stir-fries, pasta salads, or steamed spinach medleys.

  • Use them in soups and broths of every kind such as potato, pumpkin, lentil, and vegetable.

  • Don't forget to put them in your fresh salad where they add color, delicious flavor, and zing! These options are sure winners.

Win the Hearts of Kids, Families, and Friends?   

Simply embrace the healthy lifestyle and dietary choices that God holds out for you today. Onions used in various forms are super helpful. True science advocates them. Your kids, family, and friends will be more willing to follow your embracement of these principles once they see results in your life. Make the meals attractive! Gently involve them in the process. They will be more willing to go with you on the journey. Don't give up, live your conviction and watch hope blossom, your minds open to even spiritual things, and see hearts be won to God. This is true health reform. This is how you may win the hearts of kids, families, and friends.

Mental Health:

Close Relationship Between Mind and Body—There is an intimate relation between the mind and the body, and in order to reach a high standard of moral and intellectual attainment, the laws that control our physical being must be heeded.Patriarchs and Prophets, 601 (1890). Mind, Character, and Personality Vol. 2: page 380.1

Mental Effort Affected by Physical Vigor—We should seek to preserve the full vigor of all our powers for the accomplishment of the work before us. Whatever detracts from physical vigor weakens mental effort. Hence, every practice unfavorable to the health of the body should be resolutely shunned. Mind, Character, and Personality Vol. 2: page 380.2

Simplified...Our diet and lifestyle affect our mental health. Let us eat well from God's Farmacy.


Bible Connection:

Sin in our lives is the biggest free radical that damages our Spiritual DNAs, our cells, tissues, organs, and systems. If we don't allow the Lord to heal our backslidings and disobedience, sin will metastasize like cancer and spread to the brain causing us great heartache. When our moral thoughts become the citadel of Satan's control, only a drastic life change with and in Christ will free us from Satan's clutches. The Bible's wisdom speaks to us everyday and provides ways of comfort:

  1. "Before I was afflicted I went astray: but now have I kept thy word." Psalms 119:67

  2. Behold, thou desirest truth in the inward parts: and in the hidden part thou shalt make me to know wisdom. Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean: wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow. Psalms 51:6, 7

  3. "Heal me, O LORD, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved: for thou art my praise." Jeremiah 17:14

The only solution to better health is to apply the wisdom God, the creator of our bodies has given us. Have a great week!

***Remember to share your blessings and leave comments as a guest.

Taste. Enjoy! Respond. Like! Share. Be encouraged!

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Amen, the Lord blessing and health will be upon us when we truly remove our backsliding and disobedient ways of on learning and relearning christ character traits and follow the manual he originally designed to governed our bodies in order to sharpened our intellect so we can sup with him and he with us. Love the post sister ❤️. Maxine

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