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7 Superpowers Every Family Needs! Continued...

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

The last time we met I spoke about the first 4 superpowers that every family (and that's without exception) needs to be able to face life's challenges, extenuating circumstances, and tragedies. To battle life and Satan, we need to be strongly armored with:

  1. God's Character- with this superpower, "no weapons formed against us shall prosper!"

  2. Nature- Through the power of association, we may look to nature to teach us life's object lessons. Surrounding yo urself with God's natural wonders invites us to better mental health, physical, and spiritual resilience.

  3. "The" Healthy Diet- What a fantastic powerhouse God provided when he made all the fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables, and herbs of all kinds. He gave them first for our nourishment and protection and then for medicines.

  4. The Word- God's Word is powerful! Our words only have power when echoed through God's Word... spoken or unspoken, written down on paper or in the flesh of the heart. It is an energetic reservoir building a solid faith in impossible times. (Full Article)

God blessed us with a total of seven (7) superpowers hidden in plain view in the first three (3) chapters of Genesis. Did you guess the other three (3)? Let's see if our intelligent minds with which God blessed us were thinking alike. Let's continue the unveiling:

5. Marriage- God instituted marriage as a way to help males to be more balanced. Adam was more than a spiritual being. As a tripartite being, he benefitted the most when all depart- ments of his life: physical, mental, and spiritual were functioning optimally. He soon discovered that though he had a fantastic spiritual relationship with God, though he was an intellectual genius and a physical powerhouse, something was still not right. There was a natural void that God had placed in him: emotional and social desires that could only be met by a woman, a wife! Proverbs 18:22. Eve was not an afterthought. God already had plans for the first woman on earth. She was first to be a wife and then a social and spiritual companion. A man is unpolished until he cleaves to a wife and a woman is unpolished until she cleaves to a husband. Genesis 2 & Mark 10:7. Together and yoked with Christ they become selfless and not self-full.

It wasn't that God was not enough for them individually, it was that God's purpose is best fulfilled when they are united to Him in matrimony. The Christian family was orchestrated by God to be a critical weapon of mass destruction of Satan's plan to take over the world, hence halting the progress of sin in the heart and in the world. Our families can fulfill God's purpose only as we accept His original plan.

6. Sabbath- The Sabbath is a superpower, that though released only from sunset Friday evening to sunset on Saturday evening, its effects are felt throughout the entire week! During this time the body's circadian rhythm is much different from the previous days. The body naturally slows down, recharges, and resets, allowing the mind, body, and spirit to be intimately ignited by the Master's hand. The rest is not due only to sleeping, nor leaving our secular activities behind but in obedience to God's call to retreat from our own pleasures no matter how good, and bask in His pleasures: a carved-out intimate time learning only of Him and sharing our faith with others. It is the only time that our physical, mental, and spiritual systems harmonize into seamless worship resting at the same precise time that the God of the universe also ceases His weekly work! Genesis 2: 1-3, Exodus 20:8-10, Hebrews 4: 9-16

7. Jesus- Jesus is the Superpower of superpowers! He is the golden thread that runs throughout, that encircles and strengthens all the others. Without Him, nothing exists and with Him, all things gain homeostasis... true balance. At the name of Jesus all Darkness tremble and in that name, we receive power to tread upon serpents of deception and the scorpions of intentional malice. Nothing shall hurt us. Luke 10:19. In Christ, deformed and depraved characters are transformed and difficulties sit at His feet. Impossibilities disappear and miracles triumph! Jesus makes victory over sin a reality and perfection attainable. Genesis 3:15. A plant-based diet becomes powerful and causes Disease to shudder and die at His command. With Jesus, all the families of the earth are blessed and the Sabbath offers more than temporal rest.

Jesus is The Living Word that breathes life into the written word, creating faith in faithless hearts. Romans 10:17. Jesus is more than a prophet and higher than a king. He is God in the flesh, Savior and Sovereign.

Remember, in all your ambitious pursuits in this world, to take freely of these superpowers to permanently impact your mental health, spiritual growth, and overall well-being.

Taste. Enjoy! Respond. Like! Share. Be encouraged!

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