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A Little Heaven, Today

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

This week your mind might be full of questions concerning important issues. You may be considering relocation, applying for a new job, or how to do well on upcoming final exams. Perhaps, you are pondering how to provide for a family, save for a rainy day, get out of debt, repair or let go of a relationship, accept a marriage proposal, or...and the list could go on infinitely.

Amid your analytical thoughts, remember that God's promises are beautiful and dependable. He promises that what He has in store for us trumps all our earthly desires or concerns. Please don't misunderstand my intent. Individuals should have aspirations. Productive goals are essential in this lifetime. However, the burden of our daily questions, concerns, and ambitions become bearable when we look at them from the perspective of God's ultimate plan for us. What does He want to accomplish today in my life?

Our afflictions become lighter and less daunting when we consider our problems through the rewards of Heaven.

Today, keep your eyes on Jesus and allow thoughts of Heaven to replace all your questions and concerns. God is more than enough. Trust Him. A little heaven today, goes a very long way in dispelling all our doubts and fears. Have a blessed day in the Lord.

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