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December 11, 2022

Have you ever planned an important event and every arsenal of Satan unleashed to completely cripple your faith, and tempt you to give up and just cancel the event altogether?

All the odds seemed to be precariously stacked as poisoned daggers waiting fatally to pierce your confused faith. Did God truly want me to do this work for Him or is this just a figment of my aggressive ambition? Yet God told me to look above the waves of my doubts and sinking feet and hold his hand. Once I heard my Master’s voice to “Go Forward,” I needed no other prompting but began to pray:

“Lord, since you want me to continue your work, then give me superhuman strength. Send angels to hold up my hands when they get tired! Please help me to do your will by launching your ministry, Narda Pella (Anointed Refuge): which exists only to be an extension of your eyes, your hands, and your heart in this dark world of sin and sadness. Stay with me as the hours shorten and the time draws close, and let nothing else absorb my attention. Knit my heart together in love with yours. This will be my fuel as I work for YOUR glory. Amen!”

The Holy Spirit comforted my heart; my understanding became clear for the mission at hand. Hope renewed and soared loftily above Doubt Mountain. Angels left heaven to strengthen my hands as I bowed in obedient worship.

I continued to embrace God’s purpose for me, and the rest, they say, made history. God successfully launched Narda Pella, I felt closely knitted to the Lord, and the day could not have been more beautiful!

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