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First Breath...

Consider after having a successful delivery in giving birth that your baby is born and is not breathing. The entire delivery room would be frantic with activity trying to ensure that the baby was able to breathe. Birth is essential but breathing after birth is most essential.

Last December, I had the privilege of being a part of the delivery process for my granddaughter Ivy. She shot out of that birth canal, a big, bouncing beautiful baby girl.

But nothing was so delightful to me and her mother as her first breath of fresh air that ended in a loud cry! This monumental experience evoked memories of another essential breath, "prayer".

"Prayer is the breath of the soul...." An unhealthy prayer life is akin to holding your breath after birth, slowly depleting your source of oxygen. A person may have been baptized and therefore born into the family of God, but if he or she is not cultivating a strong prayer life, this is committing spiritual suicide. One may go a few weeks without food, and days without water, but only minutes without oxygen! Prayer is the answer to all life's problems... the secret to a robust Christian relationship with God.

Psalms 55:16-17

I discover that when I am low on prayer, the channel of communication between me and Heaven is staticky, which is a very dangerous place to find myself. The enemy usually comes in like a flood, or I cannot hear God's voice clearly for me to make foolproof decisions. This is no way to have a joyful and peaceful walk with Christ.

Let us make a conscious decision to breathe, and let this first breath today, not be our last... Live a life of prayer: talk to God as to a trusted friend. This open-heart communion every morning and evening ensures that your relationship has a better chance of surviving in this evil and challenging world. Have a great day!

Taste. Enjoy! Respond. Like! Share. Be encouraged!

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