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Updated: Jan 25, 2023

As a young child and also as a teenager, I read extensively and ferociously. I thought the volumes of novels and mysteries, scholarly research, grime, and crime were just the best stuff to fill my mind. I was on my way to being a scholar and an intellectual. I was reading the best of books for sure. But one day, I was re-introduced to a book mostly forgotten, dusty, and often unread. It truly became, personally, the best book ever:

Beautiful Blessed Book

branding my barricaded brain,

creating ceaseless channels

filling me again and again.

Beautiful Boundless Words

loosening my long-locked heart,

freeing me to love lastingly... transforming me into amazing

aesthetic art!

Cruel crosses– celestial crowns of thorn

I will in this wild wilderness wear.

And because of Love daringly displayed

in this bounded but Boundless Book…

I can bear back-bending burdens

while carrying CHRISTian hope to millions of crimsoned hearts

crying for the Word of care.

Selah: stop and listen to the best book ever

Yes, you've guessed it ...The Bible!

-Narda Reid

Reading the Bible for myself without any outward "noise" helped me to become serious about my faith in Christ and strive to live out "His" purpose for which He created me. I no longer saw The Bible as just another book, but more so as a person, Christ --the Living WORD. I learned to love Him and was much more willing to obey his every word. At times I was reluctant to obey it because I wanted to "do Me", but the Lord reminded me of His reason for me being alive each day, and surrender was easier for me. Love is never self-focused! Christ's life and His death on Calvary teach this lesson every day.

Knowing Christ saved my life and changed me from being a jaded, atheistic young woman into a zestful and life-loving Christian. I no longer read the types of books mentioned above but have made a covenant to only read that which will promote God's plan of salvation, to expose the works of Satan, and that which will be a positive, eternal influence on people.

The benefits of studying and appreciating God's word have been super beneficial! My emotional and mental health improved dramatically and I never again doubted the power of God to perform the greatest miracle: transforming my stubborn and selfish heart!

How has The Bible changed your life? Please share your comments in this blog section. We would love to read them. Your testimony will encourage others who visit our site. Subscribe below to be one of the first to get our newest releases.

Taste. Enjoy! Respond. Like! Share. Be encouraged!

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Hi Narda,

Its so wonderful to read your blogs. I do enjoy them. Continue with what you are doing.


Hi Narda. Love your story on the best book ever!! I certainly agree! Great job! Keep up the good work!


Hi Narda. I love your story on the best book ever! I Certainly agree with you ! Great job! Keep up the good work.

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